Petite Malle Clutch and Eva Clutch Louis Vuitton

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There are a few versions of this bag as it’s also part of the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collections, but I have to say that my favorite remains the classic one, the monogram canvas Petite Malle. The iconic canvas covers the clutch which also features antique looking golden hardware. Its small size doesn’t bother me. It’s big enough so that you can carry around your essentials. Also, it’s its size that makes it look so cute.

The Petite Malle is a small-sized bag, inspired by the travelling LV trunks. It has a particular shape and details that are difficult to miss. This one seems to be one of the good fake LV bags. All the details seem to be in place and the material, shape and hardware look good. So, at a first check this replica Petite Malle looks high-quality and pretty similar to an authentic one. It’s made from the monogram canvas combined with black leather edges.

This clutch looks so much better than the other one I had. It has a well-defined shape and the material feels great. I love it that is features both a chain and a leather strap. You can get different looks when replacing the chain with the strap and the other way around.

The material and the shape are probably the best elements on this bag. I like how the bag keeps its shape and the material doesn’t have creases. Also, if you see that the monogram canvas is upside down, don’t worry. That’s how it should be. Some Louis Vuitton bags are made from a continuous canvas patch, so it’s normal.