Yellow and Rose Gold Engagement Rings

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Traditional engagement rings are white diamonds and white precious metal – the most popular choice is platinum. Platinum has been popular since the Art Deco era. Since platinum is scarcer and was more valuable than gold, it has been a status symbol for many years. It could be merely coincidence, but yellow gold has become more popular since the price per ounce of platinum fell below that of gold.

Rose Gold Engagement Ring With Pink Tourmaline And White Diamond Halo

Rose Gold Engagement Ring With Pink Tourmaline And White Diamond Halo

The hard-wired trend of having a platinum and white diamond engagement ring may finally be showing signs of fizzling out with more brides-to-be choosing yellow gold than in the previous decade. While white precious metal helps to increase the brilliance of white diamond, it can also sometimes appear a little harsh against the skin. It seems that some people are realizing this and buying yellow and rose gold engagement rings and wedding bands. Also, the fashion for colored stones and brown (“chocolate and vanilla”) diamonds means that yellow and pink precious metals are also in trend because they often look better with champagne and cognac diamonds.

If white diamonds still insist on being the stone of choice for engagement rings, the setting can be produced from white metal, to help the diamond to shine, with the other parts of the ring rendered in yellow or rose gold. Colored stones look particularly impressive when set in colored metal, depending on the hue. For example, pink gems look wonderful in rose gold, as well as some brown, rose, red and purplish gems. Bluish-green emerald looks great in yellow gold, but a more yellowish-green gem like peridot can go well with rose gold. Black, grayish or silver gemstones also look great in rose gold.