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Jerome Dreyfuss is a French designer, whose previous job was designing of women clothing. His first collection was presented when he was only 23 years old and received the Enfant Terrible name for the extravagance. He continued to work on fashion clothing until 2002, when he ventured into accessories line.

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However, it appears that that didn’t stop the folks at Jerome Dreyfuss when they designed the Jerome Dreyfuss Luciene Suede Fringe Bag. Suede, leopard print, detachable fringe, zip-off pockets, magenta for contrast? It’s all here,louis vuitton wallets!

I don’t hate it, but I also don’t think it’s particularly successful. Instead of focusing on a few ideas and combining them in a sophisticated way, the brand just went whole hog in the direction of ridiculousness and threw in everything but the kitchen sink. I happen to think that tan and magenta look great next to one and other, but the stuck-on nature of the fringe and pocket is a little weird.

Jerome Dreyfuss replica bags are made to look originals, but don’t be fooled the fake purses are already sold in some stores under the real name and at high price.

This brand also has a cute site and the colorful handbag collection is amazing – anyone will be able to find something to her liking.