Interesting H Color Diamonds

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Diamonds in the upper half of the near-colorless range (GHIJ) represent outstanding value because they look white without the price premium associated with colorless diamonds (DEF). H color diamonds are particularly interesting to astute shoppers for a couple of reasons which will be discussed in this article.

H Color Diamonds

First it should be noted that any useful discussion of the relative benefits of different diamond colors assumes we are talking about laboratory graded diamonds with reports from a respected laboratory such as the GIA and AGS Laboratories. Since diamond colors are actually very small ranges in the spectrum of light to dark, colorless to “colorful”, it is critical for diamond color grading to be done by ethical, independent experts under controlled and repeatable conditions, with a full set of carefully selected and verified master stones.

H Color diamonds are free enough of body color that they will look white even in larger sizes and even when viewed from the side. A small amount of body color, such as that possessed by diamonds in the near colorless range, becomes a little more perceptible (to people with very good color acuity) the larger they are. This is particularly true when the diamond is viewed in profile, such as the side view of a four prong solitaire setting. Because H color diamonds are in the upper half of the near colorless range, even a “low H” will be squarely in the middle of this most popular range. Most people are not sensitive to color at this level, even in larger sizes viewed in profile.
Many astute shoppers today, especially those doing some research on the internet, seek out opinions of other shoppers or an informative diamond buying guide. They learn about smart tradeoffs that can result in finding a diamond of exceptional beauty and excellent value. For instance, ideal cut diamonds with outstanding light performance return an abundance of light to the eye. This not only results in more diamond sparkle but it also makes the diamond look bigger and whiter as well. So an ideal cut H color diamond effectively looks like a G color in face up view, while delivering great fire and brilliance.
In conclusion, selecting diamonds in the near-colorless range is a great way to get “best bang for the buck”. If the diamond looks white from all angles and it is cut for great light performance, it will possess key attributes that make diamonds so beautiful. Of course, there is clarity to consider, which can have a big impact on beauty, and that is covered in a separate article on clarity grading.



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