Popular Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Now Comes in Leather

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        Popular Louis Vuitton Pochette    Métis Now Comes in Leather

Elegance is personified in the petite shape of the Pochette Métis.

A lot of you are already fans of the Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis which is a relatively new offering from LV that was at first available only in traditional monogram canvas.

The monogram Pochette Métis has become so sought-after that it can be at times difficult to track one down for purchase in an LV boutique, but now shoppers have a handful of additional options with the Spring 2017 debut of the bag in monogram empreinte, which is a soft, textured leather embossed with the brand’s signature monogram. Because there’s no color contrast in monogram empreinte, it’s a more subtle logo than LV’s printed canvases.

Other than material, the bag is basically the same, and the full leather version will only set you back a couple hundred extra bucks.Its compact dimensions open up to reveal many useful pockets and compartments.

Louis Vuitton Mini Pont-Neuf Bag

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We know that Louis Vuitton will never stop innovating until they find the next ‘Speedy Bag’ or the next ‘Neverful Bag’. And even if they’d find it, they will not stop.

New Louis Vuitton Mini Pont-Neuf Bag

The first Pont-Neuf Bag was made from Epi Leather, the next bag was made from Empreinte Leather, both are gorgeous btw. And now, Louis Vuitton releases the Mini Pont-Neuf Bag.

New Louis Vuitton Mini Pont-Neuf Bag

The design is modern, the embossed leather is smooth and displays a host of heritage details (Monogram). It’s posh and trendy, this little chic bag is for all occasions.

New Louis Vuitton Mini Pont-Neuf Bag

For now the Mini Pont-Neuf Bag is only available in Empreinte Leather, it comes with a long leather strap that can be removed. The interior features 2 smartphone pockets, one large compartment. The exterior comes with a front flap pocket with hidden zip.

Louis Vuitton Very Tote Bag

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Louis Vuitton launches new bags again, this time around is its Very Bag Collection. We know it’s hard not to throw into a tizzy but you gotta collect yourself before heading to the nearest Louis Vuitton store.


The Louis Vuitton Very Bag line is featuring the one handle bag, a shoulder bag, and a tote bag version, which would surely be a hit especially among women who prefer a modern take on their daily bag companions.


Take a closer look at the design, you’ll most likely spot that they have crafted a new ‘V’ signature logo prominently displayed in front, which is both glamorous and chic. The new Monogram Canvas print is the softer version of the Empreinte Edition, both shiny and classic. And instead of the classic brown color, it now comes in grey, black, red and more are available at the boutiques. The exterior is actually more luxurious than you think, as it’s made from Cuir Plume and Cuir Ecume Cowhide leather.


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