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As if to say “enough is enough”, Rococo jewelry completely replaced the gaudiness of Baroque. Gone was the symmetry and huge piles of color, replaced instead by asymmetrical designs that were both elegant and light. Rococo did inherit some elements of Baroque, however. The natural motifs of leaves and flowers, as well as bows and ribbons, made the transition easily. Of course, nature motifs lasted a lot longer than just the Georgian period, and formed a large part of the later Art Nouveau movement.

The Rococo design movement started in France but didn’t actually survive very long. Critics saw the style as frivolous and unworthy and, as Rococo was never a universal success. In fact, by the mid 18th century, the word “rococo” was common in England to describe anything that was old-fashioned. The style has since become both valid and important in European design history. Despite this, genuine Rococo pieces are extremely rare. It is such pieces that were the first to be melted down in times of material need, in order to create more popular designs.