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There was a time not long ago when I knew the women at my local nail salon by name—when I’d show up for my regular, biweekly manicure with all manner of Chanel, Dior, or RGB polishes in one hand, and a leash attached to my 45-lb rescue dog in the other. Cindi, Lan, and Margaret would smile a slightly unnerved, but still very kind smile that said, “Welcome back!” and, “your dog is way too big to be in here!”

But a few months ago, the combination of a packed schedule and a newfound preference for bare nails caused me to give up my manicure habit, kickstarting a new obsession with the art of the at-home, no-polish job instead. I’m not the only one hooked on clean, healthy, perfectly square-oval nails (aka “squoval”). Just look at some of spring’s biggest runway moments—Saint Laurent, Prada, andValentino; there’s rarely a trace of lacquer in sight.

The other big draw of creating a ritual around filing, buffing, and moisturizing your nails, facial-style? It’s incredibly cathartic—and a great way to multitask a marathon of Broad City Season 3. Here, a compendium of tools and products to help you dare to go bare.

The star is certainly drawn toward craftsmanship and attention to detail, with even her little black suits—from Dior, naturally—somehow reading as supremely chic, rather than staid. But as with anything, even with all the couture, bling, and fanciful add-ons, sometimes her best looks are the simplest: At the Shanghai International Film Festival, the star opted for the minimalist combination of white dress, white coat, and a coordinating flower pinned to her lapel, topped off with a wealth of Bulgari jewels. Now that’s a movie star.

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Have I been in some sort of vortex where I was not receiving sufficient celebrity news!? Okay, so I have been pretty busy for the better part of the year, however I always try to keep up on celebrity news (and the gossip mill too), however I think I may be living under a rock since I had no idea that Olivia Wilde was pregnant! This is turning out to be a weird day for me now, like I just woke up in a place that I don’t recognize. In any case, check out a very pregnant, and very beautiful, Olivia Wilde (above and below this blog post) with one of her most fashionable Gucci handbags, the Gucci Nouveau Fringe bag

Check out Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima (above) with their Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci handbags, respectively. These ladies are flawless! You can also look below this post to find Chrissy Teigan with her Hermas handbag, the Hermes Birkin bag. I love Hermes handbags and Chrissy looks absolutely stunning with hers! I honestly don’t know what’s more beautiful; the designer bags or the ladies. Perhaps it’s a tie!

Yes, Mini isn’t the worst offender of festival ware, but I wanted to feature her today (and her Gucci designer bag) since she isn’t someone who I feature often on this blog (come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever written a post featuring Mini Driver and her designer handbags). She still looks pretty cute in this outfit, and her designer Gucci bag isn’t making things worse either!

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Replica Prada handbags might very well be the key to your perfect outfit. I’m saying this simply because I know how important the bag is for me. I must say I’m pretty used to her awesome outfits, but I have to add something here. And that’s the high importance her bags have in her outfits.

One of my best Prada fake bags is exactly this Soffiano shown above, and let me tell you that it gets the job done perfectly. Even though it’s not the original one, it looks exactly the same and feels like a high quality handbag.

If you read this blog from time to time, then you’re probably already know that I actually can’t afford any of these designer Prada bags. However, you also probably now that I love buying replicas! Prada replica handbags are only a fraction of the price compared to the real thing.