Idolra Jewelry Repair Guide

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Fine jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear, so always have your fine jewelry checked annually by your jeweler. When jewelry repair needs arise, use our guide to better understand the jewelry repair process so you know what to expect at the jewelry store and get the best service.

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It Starts With Trust & Expertise

When considering having a ring or bracelet repaired, you must have confidence in the skill of your jeweler. If you don’t already have a jeweler you trust near you, use our tips for choosing a trustworthy jeweler.

If a jewelry store offers custom design work, most likely they have trained jewelry craftsman on site to perform repairs in house. Of course, there are items – like timepieces – that may need to have repairs done off site. Start by checking that the jewelry store is a member of Jewelers of America – so you know your jewelry is in skilled hands and the repair will be performed professionally and ethically.

Certified Experts

Look for jewelry stores with certified jewelers on staff. This includes certifications and education from respected institutions and associations like Jewelers of America, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gem Society (AGS), American Watchmakers Assocation (AWA) for specialty watch repairs.

Before You Go

It’s always good to have a sense of the value of the piece for the jewelry store’s insurance purposes. The jeweler will evaluate and give you a quote for the cost and time of the repair work. No work should be done without your permission.