Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

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Unique translucent teardrop-shape earrings featuring real dried flowers preserved in resin and surrounded by sterling silver settings
The natural properties of real flowers provides a one-of-a-kind look to each piece. The image may show a slight difference to the actual flowers in color and composition
Grown in the fields of Taxco, Mexico, these miniature flowers are gathered by hand and preserved permanently in resin
Fishhook backings
Made in Mexico

Artisan-crafted in Taxco, Mexico
Renowned for its rich history and Old World beauty, and for being a center for masterful sterling silver artistry.

One of a kind: Made with real flowers
Flowers gathered from the fields of Taxco are dried and then forever preserved in top-quality clear resin, giving the jewelry its vibrant appearance. These pieces are made to be worn every day of the year.

Each one beautifully unique
Every piece is crafted by hand, making it a wonderful gift or the perfect way to express your individuality. Collect and enjoy them all.

Genuine pressed flowers make a sweet statement encased in teardrop dangle earrings with fishhook backs

Natural pressed flowers creates the colorful and eye-catching center of these drop earrings. Choose from blue, orange or the multi-colored display.

925 Sterling Silver Bracelet Plated Cuff Bangle Bracelet Fashionable Evil Eye Pattern Chain Bracelet Gift for Woman, Valentine’s Day Mother’s Day

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925 sterling silver bracelet

FINE WORKMANSHIP: Beautiful and opening bangle makes you more charming.It is made of 925 silver plated,which is suitabel for your hands to have adjustable design.It is a perfect gift for your lover, wife, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter or friends.
SPECIFICATION: Circumference about 19.5cm.Truly elegant and breathtaking design looks gorgeous and amazing.Easy to match and suitable for any style of clothes.Great in detail and good for your personal jewelry collection.
Suitable for SPECIAL OCCASIONS:It will be the perfect jewerly for anniversary, engagement, party, meeting, dating, wedding, daily wear, etc., ideal gift for your girl, lover and friend.
HOW to CARE:for protecting your 925 silver bracelet , please use the soft clothes to bring back the shines. Do not wear when you sleep, swim or touch commercial material. Do not rub against other jewelry.
Perfect and QUICK after-sale SERVICE: Here must be some unavoidable problems that you may meet. Please contact us, we will provide best service to make you satisfied. please contact the seller feel free, you can get a fast, prompt refund. We aren’t happy until you are satisfied.

Certified White Gold Diamond with Screw Back and Post Stud Earrings,Diamond Earrings Jewelry Anniversary Birthday New Year Gifts

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Our experts carefully select the finest diamonds from a huge assortment of rough stones.

Then we use advanced technology to cut and polish our diamonds, achieving maximum brilliance of each stone.

The polished diamonds are graded according to the strictest guidelines. Many of our diamonds come with a certificate from leading independent labs such as AGS or IGI, with details of the diamond’s four C’s (read more about that below). The unique number on each certificate allows you to look up your diamond on the lab’s website.

Our jewelry is manufactured in the USA by experts who carefully match the diamonds and use microscopic technology to set the stones in jewelry.

Our diamond earrings micro-setting and screw back earrings ensures your comfort and safety.

Our Quality control is conducted in three stages:

Gold inspection, setting inspection and general piece inspection after completion. Our high QC standards ensure that our jewelry reaches you in perfect condition every time.

The way a diamond is cut by the artisan – the precise angles of the facets – determines how the rays of light that enter the diamond will be reflected and refracted to create the diamond’s fire and brilliance. The diamonds of the Idolra Collection are cut by experienced artisans to give you the most brilliance for your dollar.

Halo Round Cut Antique Desgin Diamond Engagement Ring For Women |4 Prong 18K Solid White Rose Yellow Gold | 1 ctw Genuine Diamond Wedding Jewelry Collection

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Diamond Ring in 18k White Gold

Halo Round Diamond Engagement Ring: This 1 carat halo round engagement ring crafted in solid 18k white gold, expresses the harmony of union with delicate in diamond design. The ring features a big center white stone surrounded by 44 side diamond stones.

Certified Solitaire Rings: We specialize in making high quality fine jewelry. Our rings are made of 100% Natural, un-treated , conflict free diamonds.

Diamond Stone Details: Center stone white diamond weighs 0.50 carat and 44 side diamond stones weigh 0.50 carat in total. Color of white diamond is I-J-K and the clarity is I2-I3. There are total 45 diamond in this ring.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee: We offer free shipping and complimentary repair service within 30 days. If not satisfied, we are happy to provide full refund within 30 days.

High quality fine jewelry Made in USA. Complimentary Packaging

This halo antique engagement diamond ring crafted in solid 18k white gold, expresses the harmony of union with delicate in diamond design.

Perfect Gift : Our proposal ready engagement rings are a perfect gift for someone you love.This diamond ring comes in a beautiful gift packaging.

Diamond Rings – Show your everlasting love

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A diamond lasts forever and so does love. Diamonds are the strongest amongst all other gemstones and hence invariably symbolize the strength and integrity in a relationship. Diamond rings symbolize an unbreakable bond of true love. Wearing enchanting rings with diamond on it, one can just not escape from being noticed and admired. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and so what better gift than a ring studded with diamond. It would simply accentuate her beauty and charm beyond all boundaries. All eyes would be on her fingers that would sparkle and glitter even in broad daylight; it would make her the centre of attraction and would make her feel proud of her love.

Diamond Rings

It simply just won’t let you be free from being admired and acknowledged all the times. Rings with diamond on them give a rich look and shine amazingly, making a woman look elegant and beautiful. On selecting a ring for the engagement what could be a better choice than to go with diamond engagement rings. It’s a symbol of everlasting love; it allows you to cherish memories for a lifetime. Love and diamonds last forever; and so what better occasion than your engagement day, to gift it to your loved one. It’s a true way of expressing how much you love and care. A smart and an independent woman’s choice would invariably be a diamond ring, because it reflects the inner strength and power.

Wedding is unquestionably a very special event which is filled with lots of emotions. diamond wedding rings reflect the purity and strength in a relationship. It reflects the significance of love with commitment and dedication between the two love birds. It personifies the promise made by the two with each other to be together at good and bad times. A wedding ring symbolizes the unbreakable bond and power which exists between the lovers, hence unquestionably what could be better than a diamond studded wedding ring which is a sign of profound devotion and lasting affection. In the past Diamond rings were meant just for women, well the time and tide have changed and men’s diamond rings are the in thing today. They reflect the persona and the attitude that he carries. These rings are quite contemporary and classy and display your everlasting love. Rings for men are considered to be the most masculine jewelry and are nowadays popular amongst all ages.

Diamond Heart Necklace – For Your Heart

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If you are looking for a romantic gift for your sweetheart and want her to cherish it the rest of her life, then nothing can be compared to a diamond heart necklace. The best thing about this necklace is the presence of both diamond and a heart. The diamond would symbolize the strength and integrity of your bond with your partner and the heart symbolizes the beauty and elegance of love shared between you and your sweetheart. The necklace with diamond heart has always been in the fashion and represents the value and power of love in each one’s life.


These diamond necklaces are available in white or yellow gold, or platinum. Diamonds, the closest to a woman’s heart, the most desired of all times. If desire could be measured, need one ask the amount of desire for a diamond necklace by a woman; it would be as if asking the sun the intensity of light it spreads. If you truly love someone and want her to know the intensity and the power of your love for her, then a necklace with diamonds would be the perfect way of expressing your love. The necklace would make your sweetheart look distinctly beautiful and gracious and would remind her at all times the love that you have in store for her. It would make her cherish the moment you gifted the necklace, her whole life and would make her proud of being in love with you.

Gifting a heart shaped necklace is the perfect way to say I Love You. So if your in love, and haven’t yet revealed it to her, then wait no more, the best way to reveal your love is by gifting her a necklace with a heart shape. The necklace would cry out loud to her, the love that you have in store for her. Not necessarily does this necklace have to be gifted to propose your love; it also makes a perfect gift for your sweetheart with whom you’re in love with and like to remain the same till eternity. The heart shape would look stunning on her and would make her proud of being in love with you. So if you’re in love, wait no more, gift your sweetheart a diamond heart necklace to let her know the intensity of your love for her.

Diamond Earrings – Gets You Envied

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Earrings have always been in fashion and demand among women, and now the popularity is highly growing among men as well. Beautiful earrings have the capability to change the entire look and feel of your outfit; it would not just accentuate the entire beauty and glam of your dress, but would also add a spark to your entire personality. If an earring can bring so much of magic to the way you look, wonder what would be the effect of wearing diamond earrings? Diamond earrings have an amazing magic vested in them that would give you a sparkling personality that would be envied by one and all; you would be the inspirer to many, and would not know how to escape from being noticed and spotlighted.

Diamond Earrings

They can be distinguished on the basis of shape, size, style and design. It could be categorized as stud earrings, drop earrings, hoops and chandeliers; all these are available in white and yellow gold, silver, or platinum. Discount diamond earrings are also available that would certainly help you fulfill your lady love’s desire, without spending much. These have been especially brought in to reach the masses; after all everyone one dreams, so does woman, but then one common dream among women is that for a diamond earring. These discounted diamond earrings are the perfect choice for them.

Diamond stud earrings are vastly growing in popularity among woman. It’s now become a dream of every woman to own this earring as it has the style and elegance that she has always dreamt of carrying. It would go along well with all attires, be it formal or informal. It could easily accentuate the style and elegance and make her the inspirer to one and all.

If you think that you need to a piece of jewelry that would truly express your feelings for your lady love, then the wait is over; with earrings that could be customized as per your wishes and wants, now you get the opportunity to fill in the earring with all that you’ve always dreamt of expressing to her. These customized earrings is a true way to let your partner know what you exactly feel about her, because sometimes jewels can speak beyond what words can describe.

Diamond Bracelet – Personify the Beauty of Your Wrist

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On your beautiful and delicate wrist nothing can be more deserving than a diamond bracelet. The elegance and style of a bracelet would simply enhance the entire beauty and charm of your personality with a glitter. A woman dressed elegantly with jewelry could feel that something’s missing on her; well undoubtedly it has to be a bracelet with diamonds studded on it. The bracelet would exponentially enhance the beauty of the entire attire that she’s wearing. Something’s just can’t be substituted well one amongst them is a bracelet which sparkles and glorifies the beauty of a woman. As far as varieties of bracelets are concerned there are tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, fashion bracelets and so on and so forth. With such elegant and alluring designs of bracelets in store for you it is not just hard but impossible to move ahead without buying one.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets look extraordinarily beautiful and accentuate the beauty of your delicate wrist. It has a constant design which is a single link crafted from gold, silver or platinum or a combination resulting in two tone and three tone shades, with diamonds or gemstones studded on it. The stones have been neatly arranged in a single row and the design is generally kept simple and classy. It is a designer piece of jewelry and with its classy design it simply accentuates the beauty of the one who wears it.

Bangle bracelets are bracelets without which a woman’ attire is incomplete. No beauty of any sort can substitute the timeless elegance allured by the diamond bangles. Gold bangles have invariable been the in thing since ages. Mainly they come in two styles; one being the pure gold form and the other being the stone studded form. White gold bangle has become extraordinarily popular amongst every girl no matter what style they follow. Silver bangles are a sheer delight to wear as they go along with any and every attire imaginable. Bangles have always been a craze amongst women and now with so much of variety in designs and style, what more could one ask for.

With a diamond bracelet worn, you would need no more accessories for your hand to make them look amazingly beautiful.


Perfect Harry Winston Jewelry

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These rings are the perfect examples of how a small piece of jewelry can appear too stunning to be true. If you have also planned to get these Harry Winston engagement rings for your fiancé, then you have definitely made the right decision.

Harry Winston jewely

Why to opt for Harry Winston engagement rings?

These are quite unique and come with many exquisite designs as well. If you like to stand out in the crowd with some exclusive designs, then you should definitely be choosing these rings only. No matter what your expectation, they will likely be superseded by the excellent quality of the engagement rings provided by Harry Winston. You will be able to find their rings in every high street diamond jewelry shop. Moreover, they maintain their stores in malls as well. If you are a pop culture followers, then you shall buy nothing else because it is preferred by celebrities as well.

These rings are designed with the most high quality diamonds and come win many exquisite styles as well. The most important fact that should be considered about these rings is that they focus more on quality than on quantity. Instead of getting the largest of the diamonds, they focus on getting the most perfect and brilliant diamonds with the most precise cuts. This makes all these rings completely unique. Don’t expect anything that is mass produced or found with every second lady. You shall be getting more beautiful and more unique things for your fiancé and this is the best way to tell how special she is in your life.

The Winston jewelry is quite desirable because it provides a very wide selection of engagement rings to the customers. Most other manufacturers stick to a few common designs. Whether it is an emerald ring or a diamond ring, you will be finding the same old designs with these manufacturers. However, Harry Winston engagement rings are different and their designs have inspired many other manufacturers to bring more variety to their catalogue as well. It is quite obvious that you will be finding a ring in your preferred style and designed at Winston’s very easily. You will be finding many classy as well as modern and elite designs with this manufacturer. Their jewelry collection is certainly worth a try.