The Impact of 14K Gold Bracelets in History

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The archaeologists and historians believe that the oldest 14k gold bracelets date from 3,000 BC. One was found in the excavations of the tomb of Queen Zer, in the legendary city of Ur of Sumeria. The Egyptians did not want to part with their jewellery and personal possessions when they died. They made stipulations to ensure that everything valuable they owned was buried alongside their dead bodies. This was probably to ensure a good trip to the other life in the event that the gods would ask some payment. Maybe the reason was that they did not want to give their precious belongings to their successors. We don’t know. But some Pharaohs went to the extreme of having their wives buried alive with them to ensure their eternal fidelity.

It was common in Greece that both men and women wear 14k gold bracelets. Wealthy women would flaunt -above and below their elbows- gold wrappings exquisitely detailed with snakes or lions. Greek men would use 14k gold bracelets in social occasions for ceremonial dress. Warriors used leather or metal cuffs for protection against the blows of the enemies. The Romans took it one notch up and added gemstones to their 14k gold bracelets. Lions, eagles and other animals would have rubies in the place of the eyes, etc.

India contributed to the world jewellery by making the bangles popular. Rich Indian women would wear many bangles of precious metals, while the less wealthy flashed their glass bangles. It is possible to determine the marital status of an Indian woman by the bangles she wears on her arm. Fashion dictates what the most desirable 14k gold bracelet is in each era of history. A variety of bracelets from chains, twisted rope, links, bangles and cuffs furnish the jewellery shops in all the cities nowadays. Celebrities have their jewellery personalized in extravagant ways, to display on their bodies during award ceremonies or social gatherings

Gold comes in different colors, depending on the metal it has been allayed with. This is why you can buy white, pink or yellow 14k gold bracelets. It is common knowledge that women are very flattered when a man presents them with a 14k gold bracelet, especially if he also took the time to make her name engraved in it. It makes them feel appreciated, valued and important and it touches their heart in a special way. Surprise your woman with this gift and you won’t regret it.