14K Gold Heart Necklace Pendants

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14K gold heart necklace pendants are a nice gift that many women receive from a number of sources. Their significant other may adorn them with such a pendant on a birthday or anniversary. Likewise, some children will purchase heart pendants for their mom on Mother’s Day. No matter where you get the type of charm, you should know there are different ways in which the necklace decoration can be worn. Different outfits can be paired with the jewelry, and it can be worn for different occasions.

A great deal of romance can be sparked from a heart pendant. The heart shape has long been affiliate with love, and wearing this one a date night will evoke the feeling between you and your partner. A 14K gold heart necklace pendants will look good flowing from your neck when you pair it with the classic “little black dress.” You are sure to get complemented on the piece if you wear it with a dress that will allow attention to be drawn to it.

Fancy, bold necklace pendants may incorporate a great deal of sparkly diamonds or shiny gold into their design. This type of jewelry tends to be seen as lavish and luxurious, you are likely to want to show it off whenever possible. Pair it with simple bracelets and other jewelry of the same metal so that it everything properly coordinates while still allowing your pendant to be in the limelight.

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14K gold heart necklace pendants can also be worn as a day-to-day jewelry piece. This is especially true for those who enjoy showing off the gifts they have received from their significant other, children, or other family member or friend. Bright, colorful hearts should be worn in combination with a simple outfit. This will allow the pendant to stand out from the top you are wearing. On the other hand, if you have a vivid blouse on, simple heart pendants will work better.