Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube

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Louis Vuitton has already proved that it is a fashion house with style that is aware of its brand’s power and knows how to use its past to the present’s advantage. The latest Louis Vuitton seasons have been dotted with makeovers and Monogram Canvas Tuffetage DeauvilleCube is no exception from this trend. Reinterpreting one of the house’s classics – the Deauville model that has been often associated with the beautiful singer Jennifer Lopez because she presented it a few times on the runways, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube comes to enrich Louis Vuitton’s collections and to bring even more style.Replica handbags store .
Slightly reshaped, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube is less wide than the original, but higher and comes with a 3D monogram pattern that will make the delight of any Louis Vuitton  fan; hence the name Tuffetage – referring to the carpet making technique that inspired the house’s fashion designers into coming up with this new embossed model. Therefore, if you were looking for a bag model that would send a clear message to anyone around you, you have already found your answer with Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube.
Can elegance be reinvented? Louis Vuitton says yes. Can the past represent an inspiration for the future? The famous designers respond affirmatively. Can you conquer the whole world with one single bag? You will have to try it on your own with this fashion item in your wardrobe. Launched in the fall winter season of 2013, Monogram Canvas Tuffetage Deauville Cube is the way to check what a reinvented iconic bag can do for you. Not only will your style get a boost, but so will your self-confidence as wearing a Louis Vuitton item always pays off. You will attract compliments all day round and you will never miss a thing as this sizeable bag allows you to carry with you everything you need.

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive?

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The iconic Hermès Birkin bag has dominated fashion magazine covers, swayed from the arm of countless celebrities, and sold for record sums of money at auctions. The instantly recognizable design, vivid colors, exotic materials, and meticulous attention to detail make the Birkin the most desired handbag in the world. A Birkin bag can sell for significant profit on the secondary market, combining its iconic status with the reputation as a genuine investment opportunity. However, why is a Hermès bag so expensive? What makes the Birkin stand out from its competitors? There are several factors at play, all of which combine and contribute to the high value of Birkin handbags.Hermes handbag

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The process of creating a Birkin bag has six main phases, each of which is designed to ensure an excellent result. These phases areReplica handbags store :

1.Preparation and cutting of the material. This step involves the precise inspection of the hide or skin for any defects. Once a high-grade leather is selected, the artisan tediously removes all minor defects, and the material is cut into size depending on the requirements for the .
2.Taking shape. The section of material is then placed in a wooden clamp and stitched together to form the shape of a Birkin bag. Each stitch is carefully threaded to ensure both aesthetic beauty and a firm hold.
3.Smoothing the rough edges. Once the craftsman completes the stitching, he gently uses a hammer to conceal the seam. Shaving, sanding, and waxing is also part of this process which is the most time consuming of all of the phases.
4.Shaping and adding the handle. Using the same material as the main body of the bag, the artisan layers up to five sections to create the handle. The shape of the handle forms as the layers When finished, the artisan carefully stitches the handle onto the main body of the bag.
5.Finishing touches. The last elements added to the bag is the hardware. Attached using a process called “Pearling,” the lock, studs, clasp and other components are attached without any screws whatsoever.
6.Final inspection. Before the bag begins its journey to its new owner, a second craftsman or workshop inspector thoroughly examines the bag to ensure it meets the perfectionist standards of Hermès. Once the bag passes the inspection, it is stamped and sent to the Hermès Logistics Center where a final review takes place, before shipping to a Hermès boutique.

Birkin bags is certainly a Contributing Factor in the high price of Birkin bags

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Continuing from the previous point, the steady value growth for Birkin bags is certainly a contributing factor in the high price of Birkin bags. Since the launch of the Birkin bag, the price has risen by an average of 14.2% per year, outperforming traditional investments such as the S&P 500 and gold markets. This consistent value increase has several consequences which help to explain why Hermès is so expensive.

Firstly, the average value increase far outperforms inflation and represents a significant average yearly rise in the cost of buying a Birkin.
Secondly, the average price growth is witnessed more severely on the secondary market as people are willing to pay a premium so they can get their hands on an otherwise unobtainable bag.
Thirdly, investors have started turning to Birkin handbags with the knowledge of ever increasing prices representing a good and safe investment.
If you wonder why Birkin bags are so expensive, the three points above are solid reasons for the ever rising cost of buying the iconic bag.

Celebrities love Hermès. Hardly a day goes by without a celebrity or famous figure sporting a Birkin bag for the paparazzi. Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker regularly don their Birkins in public. Even the first lady, Melania Trump, proudly displayed a crocodile Birkin when moving into the White House. Incidentally, as soon as the image of the first lady with her Birkin spread online, the demand and consequently value of that particular Birkin rose dramatically as people desperately tried to locate and purchase a similar bag. The Birkin’s big break in popular culture occurred in its 2001 appearance on “Sex and the City, ” and ever since then, the bag’s continuing presence in popular culture has contributed to demand and value.