Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 Handbag

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Have you been searching for a nice winter bag? What can be more suitable for the cold season than a fluffy accessory made of fur? We have seen during the latest fashion seasons emerging retro trends of fur coats and entirely furry boots. Why wouldn’t this fluffy tendency catch on the bags as well? Is there something wrong in being different than the others? Why to adorn the same style of leather bag every day? Once in a while, come up with something new and wear your very furry Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 with pride and elegance.

Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 embodies the idea of glamour itself and this is exactly what the iconic fashion designers intended when creating this furry bag. Available in three color versions, it can match your entire wardrobe. Pick the Ivory tone if you want to sparkle even more than fresh snow in the white winter wonderland landscape. With Rosa, you will certainly bring the spring closer to your heart. Despite the gloomy winter climate, this color will radiate warmth and joy. The grey version will be amazing for everyday wear as it will match any outfit that you might choose.

A winter bag especially created for modern women with an eye for style, Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25 is that special something that will attract lots of compliments every day. Anywhere you go, you will hear all about your exquisite taste and your unbeatable elegance. What more do you need to know? With Louis Vuitton Blush Speedy 25, you will feel comfortable, you will be elegant and you will make lots of fans. All this in one single accessory! Can a bag change so much about your wardrobe? It certainly can when it’s a Louis Vuitton bag.


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The Matelasse nappa clutch is certainly a purse that will catch people’s eye. Its soft leather with the cotton satin lining makes it very comfortable to the touch and very easy to wear. It is a small purse, measuring only 11.8 inches in length and 7.5 inches in height so it’s definitely more appropriate to smart casual or elegant attires. The inside zip pocket and cell phone pocket will ensure the fact that your essentials such as wallet or electronic devices are safely secure inside the handbag. There is also a subtle metal lettering logo on the outside which shows that you are wearing a designer purse but it’s not big enough to be tacky.Sometimes you need more than a purse to make your outfit stand out, sometimes what you need something completely extravagant to match a wonderful outfit. This purse is certainly extravagant but without being too much. It has simple and classy lines, it’s not your usually fold over purse as it maintains a smooth and straight line in its design.

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The soft green shade allows for a very unique touch to any outfit, a touch that will definitely be appreciated by those who want to feel a bit more special and who really want to make sure that they stand out in a crowd.

The golden hardware makes a beautiful contrast with the colour of this lovely clutch, making it a bit more opulent but not too much so that it doesn’t look like you are trying to stand out. While the sleek look works great for some purses and handbags this patterned model has a lot more character and certainly makes the overall design seem more interesting, while keeping things a little toned down. It provides a tasteful alternative to those small boring clutches that everybody chooses for their evening wear.


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All the older Balenciaga models were antithetical if compared to other brands and bags. It had no logo and it wasn’t structured like many other bags were. It was soft and malleable. Plus, it had a vintage inspired look. If someone who wasn’t familiar with a Balenciaga would have seen it, they would have probably thought that it was purchased from a second hand store. Even so, these bags were worn by every celebrity you can think about. Famous models like Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen and other A-listers such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and many other were wearing it. Even the Kardashians, when they first appeared in the public’s eye, were sporting Balenciaga bags.

Let’s look at Kim Kardashian extent to love this handbags now, nearly two years of rage, Replica Balenciaga motorcycle bag between neutral design, but also different from other Shunv Bao, so that in recent years, the change to go HIGH FASHION KIM back after it swells .Kim looks stylish Balenciaga CLASSIC CITY particular favorite of black models replica handbag, appearance rate is very high, but this is indeed a super wild black.

Then I’ll introduce one pair of motorcycle bag very passionate about fashion, she KIM although not so well-known, but no less love for motorcycle bag and studying than KIM. She is fashion fox small fox, she is faithful love Balenciaga motorcycle bag users, especially Balenciaga CITY series of bags.

Many girls buy a handbags for Herd, or just to look good in this handbags, fox small fox is not, she bought a handbags directed at the practical absolute first, her favorite trip was back in this handbags, because too much can be installed, PAD, jacket, bag, jacket can actually hold, outside of a small zipper pocket is also fitted with a small mirror girls like, super practical.