Why people like Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag?

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One of my favorite things to do is to bust celebrities that have no sense of style whatsoever and try to fix it somehow by finding better outfits to wear. Today though I decided to do something different and choose the one that I mostly liked in 2013.

I have chosen some of my favorite outfits so I can prove that this beautiful lady knows how to dress for any occasion. Looks like she always dresses very comfy yet super chic.

When we have a fashion icon like her, we have to pay attention to what she wears and what her favorite accessories are and because I have an obsession for bags, I made some research to see what she likes. Apparently the supermodel really loves her Louis Vuitton Capucines handbag and I don’t question her choice at all. This is by far one of the best handbags in Louis Vuitton now, so no wonder celebrities wear it with pride.

I like how the leather looks like and the shape of the bag. More important, I like that the handle is stiff and it’s not crooked or anything. The dimensions and proportions look good as well and the bag seems to have all the right details in the right places. It also looks sturdy and resistant. It’s important for this model to keep its shape.

This LV Capucines replica handbag is the version that has golden hardware. The colors looks good, but it’s not very close so I can’t really tell. The zipper looks a bit curved and I don’t like that.

The stitching is a major indicator that shows if a replica is a good or a bad one, especially on the Louis Vuitton bags. On this replica, the stitching looks pretty good. It’s not loose and it looks even. You can have a closer look at it in the picture with the stamp.

My wallet hurts a little after the holidays so I don’t think I will be spending more on the fake Louis Vuitton Capucines bag this month, but definitely this is one of the New Year resolutions. I will try to purchase my Louis Vuitton Capucines replica bag very soon and if I do, I will even make a small video so you can see the replica LV handbag better and make the right decision after.

Louis Vuitton Malletage Pochette Flap Bag On Sale

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From Balenciaga designer to Louis Vuitton Creative Director, Nicolas Ghesquière made a big jump in his career. And we were like: ‘What are we going to get for diner? Motorcycle Bags in Monogram Canvas?’. Because we do not have a magic ball, we couldn’t read the mind of Nicolas. And the Fall Winter 2014 Collection struck us with surprise; we are stunned about the ad campaign, the collection and the new darn gorgeous bags. Well done!


Quilted patterns are perfectly shaped like diamonds, then modernized with the inspiring iconic golden brass S-lock. It’s both timeless and stylish at the same time, but still maintaining the Louis Vuitton traditional elements.


The leathers are mixed to deliver a flawless experience – the chain shoulder strap is covered with sheepskin for the comfort of carrying, the body is blended with lambskin, cotton and synthetic ribbons. Featured with cowhide leather trim, it’s a shoulder bag refined in the tiniest details.

The interior featured with 1 zipped pocket and 2 open pockets, guaranteed enough space to store your daily essentials. It’s available in black and white or red and beige, both are made to help us deliver impact in the world of fashion.

Petite Malle Clutch and Eva Clutch Louis Vuitton

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There are a few versions of this bag as it’s also part of the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collections, but I have to say that my favorite remains the classic one, the monogram canvas Petite Malle. The iconic canvas covers the clutch which also features antique looking golden hardware. Its small size doesn’t bother me. It’s big enough so that you can carry around your essentials. Also, it’s its size that makes it look so cute.

The Petite Malle is a small-sized bag, inspired by the travelling LV trunks. It has a particular shape and details that are difficult to miss. This one seems to be one of the good fake LV bags. All the details seem to be in place and the material, shape and hardware look good. So, at a first check this replica Petite Malle looks high-quality and pretty similar to an authentic one. It’s made from the monogram canvas combined with black leather edges.

This clutch looks so much better than the other one I had. It has a well-defined shape and the material feels great. I love it that is features both a chain and a leather strap. You can get different looks when replacing the chain with the strap and the other way around.

The material and the shape are probably the best elements on this bag. I like how the bag keeps its shape and the material doesn’t have creases. Also, if you see that the monogram canvas is upside down, don’t worry. That’s how it should be. Some Louis Vuitton bags are made from a continuous canvas patch, so it’s normal.