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Diamonds with a well-balanced cut are simply the best choice and often those diamonds will have the greatest “wow” factor. Brian Gavin says: ‘’A well-cut and polished diamond with precise symmetry will have more fire and brilliance and give the impression that it is larger than a stone of equal weight but with a lesser cut. “Since cut stands for performance, it greatly influences the other three Cs. Consumers today want reassurance that the diamond ring on their finger or the diamond stud in their ear is not only finely manufactured but is also perfectly symmetrical. After cut, the proportions or angles of the diamond are the next important factor to consider. You may have heard of the term “Hearts and Arrow,” which is the greatest indicator of diamond cut quality. Brian Gavin told me that the perfectly shaped hearts are formed when the main pavilion facets are cut at the correct angles and polished with such perfection that their reflection results in a perfect heart pattern. “Once the perfect heart pattern has been attained, the perfect arrow pattern in the crown results,” said Gavin.

While other diamond cutters seem focused on cutting diamonds to retain the maximum amount of carat weight, Brian Gavin is intent that every diamond be precisely cut to a degree of craftsmanship that is unattainable anywhere else. If you want to ensure maximum sparkle factor, go with the Hearts and Arrows because it is considered the pinnacle of cut.

There are four “Cs” to consider when you are buying a diamond. Some are more important than others and it’s essential to understand why. According to renowned diamond expert Brian Gavin, of the internationally recognized brand Brian Gavin Diamonds, cut is the most important “C” to consider when purchasing a diamond.


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As if to say “enough is enough”, Rococo jewelry completely replaced the gaudiness of Baroque. Gone was the symmetry and huge piles of color, replaced instead by asymmetrical designs that were both elegant and light. Rococo did inherit some elements of Baroque, however. The natural motifs of leaves and flowers, as well as bows and ribbons, made the transition easily. Of course, nature motifs lasted a lot longer than just the Georgian period, and formed a large part of the later Art Nouveau movement.

The Rococo design movement started in France but didn’t actually survive very long. Critics saw the style as frivolous and unworthy and, as Rococo was never a universal success. In fact, by the mid 18th century, the word “rococo” was common in England to describe anything that was old-fashioned. The style has since become both valid and important in European design history. Despite this, genuine Rococo pieces are extremely rare. It is such pieces that were the first to be melted down in times of material need, in order to create more popular designs.


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Bulgari is a famous jewelry house and it’s globally known for its luxury. The name Bulgari is also associated with their other ranges like leather goods, perfume, accessories and even hotels. But it all started with jewelry. Of course, like any true luxury company it is having its very own icons. And there are so many! But one of the most interesting ones, that really stands out, is the B.Zero1 collection.

Jewelry from  the B.Zero1 collection are also one of the most affordable pieces of jewelry you will find at Bulgari. I do love the more famous jewelry brands but I just love to talk more about all those other brands than the really famous ones. I must admit though, that I had my moment with Bulgari. I had set my mind on the B.Zero1 ring and I actually tried it on whilst on holiday in Puglia, Italy. In a small jewelry store that had a huge collection of Bulgari jewelry.It did not look great on my fingers. And felt a little uncomfortable, whilst I am used and willing to suffer always a little but for chunkier rings. Maybe it wasn’t perfect for me, but I do love the aesthetics of this range. It has a clean, slightly industrial taste to it. And I can imagine how this would work for all those who like jewelry that is bold, but not girly and not too cute and so on.

There have been a lot of famous people that joined the good cause and posed with the ring and necklace. Creating of course a buzz and lifting sales to a peak. In 2012 they actually raised around 12 million euro’s. A ring costs around 400 euro and 70 euro will go straight to the Save the Children foundation.Luxury companies that add a little spark to the life of children in need. Luxury companies adding something to people or animals in need are doing something really great. No doubt it gains a lot of attention and publicity for their company and it rubs off on their image. But there is nothing wrong with a win-win situation and if in this way, money flows to those who need it most…then that is just great.

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